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MyWorkflow is a simple to use business management tool that allows small organisations to harness the power of complex software solution used by larger corporations to automate and manage their businesses.

MyWorkflow is not another business software application. Most other business software applications are not intuitive, some are cumbersome to use, require a high level of training and are prone to mistakes being made as inexperienced staff forget steps and processes.

MyWorkflow is different, it’s workflow engine leads user through all steps in a business process so that even the most inexperienced staff can complete more complex processes without any mistakes.

MyWorkflow will take sales enquires or orders via internet enquires, automatically create leads and contacts in the CRM system, e-mail quotes or order confirmations, convert into works orders/jobs, allow work orders/jobs to be scheduled and tasked to different staff and raise invoices to the customer.


MyWorkflow will also address three of the most critical business failure points through its Workflow and Automation engine:
• Cash Flow Management
• Tax Obligations
• Staff Recruiting

MyWorkflow was not designed by some software developer in a back room, it was designed by business people who have had real world experience running small businesses. It has been validated by business mentors and business coaches who advise small business daily on how to operate in the most practical and efficient way.


MyWorkflow will also bring business mentors and business coaches into our customers businesses through our “Business Mentor Portal”. Throughout the system and through the help functionality there will be links to display business mentors and business coaches who specialise in key areas of business, Accounts, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Taxation, HR, etc.

MyWorkflow is designed to simplify how you administer and manage your business so that you can spend more time working on your business or relaxing and enjoying the benefits of a successful business.

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